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Planning to Visit Bali, the land of Gods? Read this!

Planning to Visit Bali, the land of Gods? Read this!Score 99%Score 99%

“Bali the land of Gods”

There is something about Bali that changes your feeling about life. Leaving an everlasting image that not many locations can. An intensely spiritual island, with the most beautiful people proud of their culture, spirituality, and rituals. It’s not incredible that Bali’s second name is the Island of the Gods? Along with its splendid mountains covered in lush jungle forests, astonishing waterfalls, dazzling rice paddies, lovely coastlines some with black sand from the volcanic hills, others pure white where coral reefs lure the most spectacular of sea life. Truthfully, I get excited about thinking of all the distinct adventures I had in Bali, and I haven’t even said the locations to stay, the villages, the artsy towns with incredible cool shops, and places to eat and drink. The island has something to present whatever kind of traveler it lures.
Bali is a province of Indonesia that is next to Lombok island and has a culture as I have never personally experienced before. Although it is so near to Indonesia which is a primarily Muslim country. Bali is mostly Hindu which shows it has the various feel. There’s a pleasant vibe of being at one with the island, the people are remarkably humble and grateful for all they have. 

The moment you get up every morning, even the roosters shouting their lungs out sound pleased to be there! Mostly every house we crossed, we saw temples, some more important than others, some much more intricate than others. Surprisingly, they all have their place of worship. While walking through these small Balinese villages surrounded by stunning rice fields you start to smell the scent coming from the Canang Sari, which are like small baskets created from bamboo and banana trees leaves. The Balinese have a belief in giving back, so they utilize these baskets to place offerings, usually food-related, to thank the gods, an offering called Banten.
There is a lot to capture and tell you about, from the most stunning sunsets, the spiritual recovery and soothing meditation on offer, to surfing or swimming with Manta rays, washing rescued soft giant elephants, right through to the lively incredible modern towns. But what I think will be most useful, is where to stay! So I have captured the locations that stood out and are all quite distinct in the experience they offer.
Three things I think would be helpful to know when thinking about where to stay:




Bali can get very packed in busy towns, and the traffic can be like London in rush hour. So make sure you don’t spend a lot of time moving from one hotel to another, by plotting on closer map hotels. Hotel hopping is a great way to see various parts of Bali. Make sure you review the map, otherwise, you can waste half of your day in traffic.



Bali is bigger than you believe. It’s a district, which has several towns presenting different experiences. Make sure to see a few! I couldn’t see all the towns, but Ubud, Seminyak, Canggu, Uluwatu, Tabanan were my favorite.



The weather in Bali is not the same everywhere. Ubud can be cloudy on the other hand at the same time Uluwatu is the complete opposite. 



Places to visit in Bali

1- Villa Sungai, CANGGU

I should begin by telling you that I have never stayed in a place like this. One of the most amazing places I have seen. If I could visit any place, it needs to be here! Bali’s version of a luxury lodge – intimate and bespoke, tailored to the sophisticated and discerning experiential traveler looking for luxury accommodation with access to local experiences.

From its immaculate, elegant interiors to the extraordinary service, the villa is the definition of spoiling and relaxation, taking the 5-star hotel experience to the next level – perfect for couples, families, or friends holidaying together. I was fortunate enough to have spent 3 full days in the lovely villa Sungai.

You wake to the most ravishing surroundings and a sense of peace. 

2- Green Village, Ubud

Perched on the holy Ayung River and covered by the lush Balinese forest, Green Village is a quiet and soothing compound. This place hosts stunning bamboo houses and villas.

All houses in Green Village are constructed almost completely from bamboo, custom-designed. The beautiful structures show how bamboo – blended with brass, copper, and stone – can make endurable, luxurious floors, walls, ceilings, stairs, and railings.

3- Waka Gangga, Tabanan

Situated in the upcoming area of Tabanan on Bali’s southwest coast, this private oceanfront retreat includes just 21 villas, most with a private swimming pool. Far from the hustle and bustle of Bali’s densely populated areas, the contemporary WakaGangga is present gently inclining rice terraces and prepared by the glittering black sand beach.

I hope you enjoyed reading my blog and advice on Bali! If you are thinking of going, BOOK YOUR TICKETS now, it will blow your mind! 










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