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Best Things to Do in Gozo, Malta

Best Things to Do in Gozo, Malta

Gozo: Do you know that Malta is a beautiful and undiscovered little sibling. As you can see that the wild and natural island is more remote, peaceful, and relaxed than the main island of Malta. Apart from this, it’s just a short ferry ride away, making it the perfect place to stay on your trip. If you want to visit on a day trip or an extended vacation, all you need to green hills, a panoramic look. All these things that you look at on the place of malta where discovering green hills, turquoise fringed pools, limestone cliffs, and panoramic viewpoints. Moreover, You’ll even see some of the most ancient historical spots. In this blog, here are some top things that you do on a trip to Gozo, Malta. So you can enjoy all the top things to do in Gozo, Malta.

9 Things to do in Gozo

Do you know that Gozo is the second biggest island in the archipelago, sitting the farthest north? As you can see that, there is still plenty to do in Gozo. Especially for those who love beach jumping, this place is very interesting for this. Here are some of Gozo’s beaches that are the best in the whole area!

  1. Victoria (Rabat)

In that place of Gozo, Victoria is a beautiful fortified city. At that home to ancient narrow streets, red-domed cathedrals, beautiful gardens, and old limestone houses. The most famous thing that attracts so many people is his ancient fort. Most people come to Victoria for its famous Fort which is the main part of this place. This is an ancient fort that sits high up on the hill.

After that, you can see the Citadel Entry where are some old prisoners. In this place, there are some, museums, and medieval houses that are so beautiful. Citadel has so many stunning views that look down over the sleepy farms and sea.

Citadel Entry Fee: Well,  the Citadel is free to enter which is a good thing in this place. Simply, you will need to buy a ticket to visit some interesting views such as the museum, prison, and the Gran Costello Historic House.

There is a winding maze of streets in Victoria that is located outside of Citadel. Specially, you need to choose a direction and enjoy walking around, finding beautiful squares along your way. Enjoy some drinking in the buzzing atmosphere and join the locals eating Pastizzi.

  1. Ramla Bay, Gozo

In Gozo, Ramla Bay is the best beach on this island. It is known as the finest beach on the island and is famous for its ridges and red sand beach. We can say that it is one of the only sandy beaches on the island because it’s very popular for those looking to swim in the calm shallows. The water of this island is very clear, and finest water. This beach is interesting for those who are in Greek mythology should head to the eastern side of the bay. Which is one of the most famous caves on this island. The myth is that this cave is the famous cave from ancient Greek literature, Homer’s Odyssey.

  1. Tal-Mixta Cave

This cave sits is also a beautiful sight that is high above Ramla bay. This cave site is situated deep in the hills of Nadur that is a small village. The beautiful thing in this place is that rock makes a natural window that created some of the most stunning views across the sea.

The most important thing in this cave is that all you need to know: Tal-Mixta Cave is situated on private property. You are authorized to access the cave but respect the owner’s privacy.

How to get to Tal-Mixta Cave

Drive to the end of Tal-Mahrag road is helpful to you get to Tal-Mixta cave. After that, You can easily park the car at the end of the road before beginning the 5-minute walk to the cave. You can also walk to Tal-Mixta Cave from Ramla Bay for around 40-minutes. Apart from this, you’re using public transport, take bus 322 from Mgarr to Rambla bay and hike up.

  1. The Ggantija Temples

Ggantija Temples place is more interesting at that ancient time. This is a UNESCO world heritage site and you must-see on your trip to Gozo in Malta. Here are some mammoth limestone structures that are thought to be even older than the Egyptian pyramids. The interesting thing about this place is that No one knows how these giant rocks came to be here. Some people believe only giants could have brought them to this spot, which is why they are named Ggantija. After some time, archeologists and historians have studied this site and believe it was used for fertility hundreds of years ago.

  1. Ta’ Kola Windmill

Ta’Kola Windmill is one of the last authentic windmills on Maltese Island which is close to the Ggantija Temples. After that, the Ta’ Kola Windmill dates back to 1725 when it was used to grind the seed into flour with huge grinding stones. At that time, the windmill is a museum. It is designated for recreated furniture where you can visit the miller’s workshop and living rooms.

  1. Salt Pans

Lastly, Xwejni Salt Pans sit on the north coast and it is one of the best things to do in Gozo. In this place, you can see that people used to harvest salt from the sea. They are all using the traditional methods from Roman times. Let’s take your time and enjoy a tour and learn about the process. Well, you can simply come and visit this beautiful part of the island. The checkerboard salt pans sitting alongside the rocky sea sight is looking so amazing.

After seeing the salt pans, walk nearby and buy some salt from the local sellers as a memory of your trip to Gozo.

In this blog, here are some beautiful things that you visit in Gozo, Malta. This blog is also helpful to you that you know more about this place. Let’s enjoy this trip to Gozo, Malta.

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